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2237 E. Burnside Street
Portland, Oregon  97214
503-235-6345    877- 34 DRUMS

Store Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 6pm

Or call for appointment.


We are no longer selling drum hoops (except in kits) or machine cut lacing.

Please note, we unfortunately can no longer accept PayPal as a form of payment. 

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Patrick Pinson, Owner and Founder of Cedar Mountain Drums.  Meet the People of Cedar Mountain Drums...
Competition, I believe, is the source of the separation of spirituality and business.  Competition, fueled by greed, creates dependencies on always having more.  But competition has never served our higher nature.  It’s time to cooperate, look for similarities, and learn from each other rather than compete with each other and focus on differences.”  --  Patrick Pinson, Cedar Mountain Drums






Our hand made Native American style frame & hoop drums are constructed of elk, deer, horse, moose or buffalo rawhide on our own handmade yellow cedar hoops, red cedar frames or willow oak hoops. Each drum is traditionally made with prayer and in spirit. We also have drums painted by American Indian artists using traditional & contemporary Native American images as well as screen prints that can be applied to any drum. We also make powwow (ceremonial or thunder drums) in elk, horse, buffalo or moose rawhide. We carry deer rawhide, elk rawhide, horse rawhide, moose rawhide and buffalo rawhide for drum making, as well as pre-cut rawhide lacing in deer, horse, elk and buffalo.  We make our own yellow cedar hoops and red cedar frames.  Also available are willow oak hoops for hand drums and maple hoops for both hand drums and powwow drums. For African and Middle Eastern drum repair, we carry calf and goat rawhide rounds in a variety of diameters. Talking Sticks are used by many indigenous people worldwide to allow every member of a Circle or Council a chance to speak their truth and visions without interruption and to know that they will be heard. Talking sticks are made out of a special branch and decorated with symbolic colors, elk & deer leather, feathers, beads and other sacred objects. Our talking sticks are made mindfully and are purified by smudging. Great for wedding gifts, classrooms and other conflict resolution, each is individual. Cedar Mountain Drums is much more than just an internet mail order store in Portland, Oregon, though we do ship our drums and drum making supplies worldwide. Our love for the Native American inspired drums and rawhide rattles that we make here extends to the larger community. We have weekly drumming circles as well as drum making workshops, and visiting our retail store is a sensory experience in itself. Explore the articles and information on drumming, shamanism and healing.  Making your own Native American style rawhide hoop drum or shaman’s rattle is a wonderful way to create a personalized tool for healing and ceremony.  To this end, we offer kits containing everything you need to create your own instrument. Drum kits come with your choice of a pre-cut deer, elk, horse, moose or buffalo rawhide drum head and hand cut rawhide lacing. The drum hoop or frame can be yellow cedar, red cedar, willow oak or maple. Also included are the makings of a soft drum beater and instructions. Rattles are used to break up stuck energy and in shamanic and healing work. Our rawhide rattles are made from the same elk, moose, horse or buffalo hides we use for our drums. Our turtle rattles are made from red eared turtle shells and deer rawhide. Fancy rawhide and turtle rattles allow our creativity to flow.  Our rattle kits include a pre-cut elk, moose, buffalo or horse rawhide rattle head, handle, corn, sinew, stuffing and illustrated instructions. Cedar Mountain Drums is a place where you can come to your senses. Our retail store is packed with more than just drums – along with the Native American style drums and rattles that we make here we have indigenous drums and other percussion instruments from around the world, Native American style wooden flutes, traditional herbs, incense and smudging supplies, books, music and more. Take a video tour! Order from our on-line shopping cart or give us a call! We mail order our rawhide drums, rattles, kits & raw materials worldwide. We ship UPS within the continental USA, and via the United States Post office for all other shipping. Orders are generally shipped within 24 hours. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express (AMEX) and Paypal. We carry custom drum bags for our rawhide drums both in nylon and Pendleton wool, in a variety of sizes, colors and patterns. We make drum beaters in different styles; soft drum beaters and hard drum beaters change the sound of your hoop or frame drum. Special drum beaters of rabbit fur, powwow or ceremonial drum beaters and fancy drum beaters are all available.  We have beautiful burnished metal drum hangars to display your drum or flute, and hard flute cases to protect your instrument when you travel. We have weekly drum circles above our Portland, Oregon retail store. A Shamanic Journey circle is offered once a month. Drum making is taught on a one-to-one basis by appointment, and other workshops are offered occasionally either in Portland or Carson, Washington. Patrick Pinson offers classes and custom group workshops and drum circles at our location or at your location by arrangement. In our craft supply section, you will find both natural sinew and artificial sinew in a variety of colors and sizes; tanned deer, elk and buffalo leather; elk splits; crow or pony beads; pinch (pink) conch and abalone shell buttons; antler buttons; rabbit and buffalo fur; bone and horn hair pipe; buffalo teeth; porcupine quills; jingle cones; natural dyes (can be used as paints); turkey, peahen, macaw & painted feathers; patterns for regalia, moccasins & traditional costumes; tools for drum making & more! We carry over 100 Native American style wooden flutes in our retail store, by makers such as Woodsounds Flutes (Brent Haines), Wind’s Song Flutes (Scott Loomis), Stellar Flutes (Tom, Matt & Lily Stewart), Singing Tree Flutes (Miguel Medina), Shades of Rez Flutes (Tim Blueflint), Quiet Bear Flutes (Dwight Lind), Navajo Flutes (Jonah Thompson), Butch Hall Flutes (Butch Hall), and others. Woods include Cedar, Alder, Maple and rare hardwoods such as Cocobola and Ebony. We carry a beautiful selection of hand made, American made objects d’art. From a full American Indian style headdress to knapped obsidian knives, exquisite beadwork jewelry, dream catchers, shields, leather bags, purses & pouches, dolls, or traditional wood carving, you never know what a local Oregon artist will bring to us. At our Portland, Oregon retail store, we carry a number of multicultural, international drums and other instruments in addition to the rawhide drums we manufacture here. We import drums from Africa like Djembes, Ashikos and Talking Drums, Gongs from China, Singing Bowls from Nepal, Tabla from India and Pakistan, Middle Eastern Doumbeks and Tars; Celtic Bodhrans, vegan artificial “Buffalo” drums from Remo and much more! From beautiful smudge fans for ceremony and prayer to abalone shells and herbs, we stock tools for healing and shamanic work. We carry sage (California White Sage, Colorado Blue Sage & Dakota Traditional sage), sweetgrass & other American Indian medicines like bear root (osha), bear berry (kinnikinnick, uva ursi), bitterroot, cedar and red willow bark, as well as copal, copal negro, lavender, pinon, juniper and cedar berries. You will also find wood scented incense and shea butter for conditioning your drum. A place for Spirit in Carson, Washington, Heartspace is an ongoing work of love. It is here we make our yellow cedar drum rims, and here we gather with friends in community. The drum is the heartbeat of Mother Earth, and many of our drum makers and artists are women. We are occasionally inspired to honor the feminine in our deer, elk, horse, moose or buffalo drums and rawhide rattles.  You will find instruments that carry the feminine spirit here, in honor of the Goddess within us all. Cedar Mountain Drums Home Page:  Our Deer, Elk, Horse Moose and Buffalo Drums, Our Native American Style Drum, Rattle and Flute Kits, African, Middle Eastern, European and Other Drums. Our Shamanic Rattles, Smudging, Sage and Herbs, Drum and Flute Accessories, American  Indian Style Flutes, Unique Beadwork and Gifts, Talking Sticks, Craft Supplies and Rawhide and Drum Hoops.  Info about Our Store, Our Circles and Classes, Our People, Community Forum.


We are now making a limited number of Antelope & Moose hide drums! Please call us for availability and pricing.


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Caroline Wise KingShaman's Keep
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Interview with Patrick Pinson

Friday, April 19th, 2013


PATRICK PINSON, of Mingo heritage and founder of Cedar Mountain Drums, shares his unique perspective on healing spiritual,emotional, and addiction issues with drumming and Play Therapy... He has great wisdom to share, much of which comes from his own personal experience. Tune in to learn some great truths like you've never heard them before!








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