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Are you aware of the benefits and blessings of Drumming Circles?  This is a phenomena that is growing quickly worldwide.  People from many different backgrounds are participating in these events and finding a joyful, playful experience which reduces stress and releases natural bio-chemicals which boost our immunities.  In addition, there is a meditative, trance-like state produced which satisfies our spiritual natures.  We re-learn how to play like children, and just plain have fun.

Patrick Pinson, owner of Cedar Mountain Drums, leads drum-making workshops, drumming circles and play sessions throughout the country.  He holds an M.A. in Counseling and Rehabilitation, and has used Drumming Circles in drug/alcohol recovery groups, corporations, schools and prisons.  Following are some of his writings on the subject.

"Ways To Be"

"Caring For Your Drum"

"The Medicine Of The Drum (The Meanings of the Hides Used In Our Drums)"

"Qualities of the Woods Used in Our Drums"

"The Drum and Natural Rhythm" appeared in PAIA-Earthkeeper magazine #49

"Creating Sacred Space in Prisons" appeared in a variety of magazines all over the world.

"Teachings of the Sacred Drum" appeared in Earthkeeper magazine, Summer, 1993.

"Success in Recovery: The First Dance"

"Contact Recovery" appeared in Professional Counselor magazine Volume 5 Number 4, Jan/Feb 1991.

These articles may not be reprinted for profit without the permission of the author.

Articles by Other Authors

"Dr. Steve's "Spinal" Column: The Benefits of Drumming" by Dr. Steve Koc, Chiropractic Physician, used by permission.

"The Power of My Cedar Mountain Drum" by Vena Sunland, used by permission.

"Drum Making Connections" by Keeley Hope Harding, used by permission.

All rights are reserved to the authors of these articles. 


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