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Cedar Mountain Drums

 Custom Workshops for Groups

Photos from a workshop on the Isle of Sheppy, Great Britain


Usually we have a drumming circle the night before the drum  making to let people experience the different feelings created by the size and skin of drums.

The group on the Isle of Sheppy, UK, joins for a drum circle before making their own ceremonial drum with Patrick of Cedar Mountain Drums.
Everyone works together to give their energy to this Grandmother Drum.

The drum making itself usually takes about three hours when we begin from a kit. When we start from scratch, we allow a full day to construct the drum.

The group works together to lace this beautiful Thunder Drum.

Many workshops include participants making their own individual drums, while others, such as the one shown here, pool everyone's energy to make a larger, ceremonial drum for the group.


 Both the "mechanics" and the ceremonial are taught, and the energies of the different animals and trees are covered in depth.

This Elk Council Drum comes together as everyone takes a turn.
  Patrick helps add the finishing touches and makes sure everything is just as it should be.

Rattle making is also often included in the weekend, and occasionally we add dream catcher making. 



If you have a group that wishes to make drums or rattles, we can custom design a weekend workshop for your group.  Contact us to arrange a workshop in your area.


Individual or Small Group Drum Making Workshops at our Portland, Oregon Location

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