We have weekly drum circles above our Portland, Oregon retail store. A Shamanic Journey circle is offered once a month. Drum making is taught on a one-to-one basis by appointment, and other workshops are offered occasionally either in Portland or Carson, Washington. Patrick Pinson offers classes and custom group workshops and drum circles at our location or at your location by arrangement.
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Circles & Classes at Cedar Mountain Drums...

At our Portland, Oregon location:

At our Carson, Washington location: 

At your location:

Nationwide Drum Circle Links

Attention All Drummers!

We maintain a list of open drumming (flute & shamanic too) circles around the US and around the world.  Please email us with new listings for circles in your area and to update your listings when necessary.    (Don't forget to get permission before sharing contact info).  

If you don't find a circle near you listed here, use a search engine and search on the words "Drumming", "Drumming Circles," or "Drum Circles"  along with the name of your area to find one.  


Weekly Drum Circles

Men at the Drumming Circle at Cedar Mountain Drums enjoy improvisational play.Have you ever experienced stress?  If you answered yes, then may we suggest that you come to a Drumming Circle where you can pound and scream along with a group of crazy people just like yourself?  The release is phenomenal!   It's as if you were packing up your tension and troubles and sending them off with the sound waves.  Creating music with drums is an active form of meditation.  Often in the drum trance state-of-mind questions are answered, problems are solved, and clarity is achieved because the thinking (left) brain is put on hold and we allow our intuitive (right) brain to rule for a little while.  A recent study even suggests an increase in cancer-fighting immunities in people participating in group drumming.

We have all kinds of drums and rattles available including a community pow wow or thunder drum.Drumming is good for your spirit -- expressing yourself in a free-form, non-judgmental, improvisational environment like a drum circle can allow you to tap into a very strong spiritual connections.  It's primitive.  It's basic.  It's part of us.

The power and magic of drumming circles is growing and is a way to communicate what goes beyond words or explanations.   Our drum circles are always safe space for the beginner or advanced drummer.

The intent of our circles is first and foremost to create safe space, and to give permission to find and honor the rhythms that lie within each of us. The focus is play, which is defined as having no agenda, and the circles are not so much a teaching as an experience.



Drumming Circles at Cedar Mountain Drums

All Circles held Wednesday night from 7:00 pm to about 9:00 pm
Upstairs at 2239 E. Burnside St (just go in the front door).
Bring your own drum or percussion instruments or use ours (except Shamanic Journeying)
$5.00 Donation Requested

We have tons of percussion for you to share or bring your own drums, rattles or other noise makers.1st Wednesday: Men's Drumming

2nd Wednesday: Mixed Drumming
(Men, Women & Children)

3rd Wednesday: Women's Drumming

4th Wednesday: Shamanic Journeying
(Donation $10.00)


After his drum making workshop, Willie & his drum pray, "Spirits, lost spirits, all sentient beings, to the BUDDHAS n Bodhisattvasand to all elements,energies auras, our loving mother earth and father universe...and we as beginners in this spiritual realm...prayers for compassion and a true natured heart...Tats.Mae.wee.."Individual or Small Group Drum Making Workshops
at our Portland, Oregon Location

Deer, Elk, Horse, Moose or Buffalo
head & lacing
Cedar or Willow Oak Hoop
One-on-One Instruction
(small groups of 2-3 people can be accommodated)



The workshop is $80.00 plus the cost of the kit you choose.
(For example:  15" Elk Deodar Cedar Kit ($140) + $80 = $220 for the workshop)

$25.00 deposit required
Learn to make a drum with our experienced instructors at Cedar Mountain Drums.

Scheduled at your convenience any time the store is open, or by appointment. Suitable for individuals or small groups.  Rattle making and Dream Catcher making workshops can also be arranged.

Located at our 2237 E. Burnside Portland, Oregon Store

Call for more information or to schedule a time
Call 503-235-6345 or
email us.

Share Shawn's Drum Making Workshop


Individual or Small Group Workshops for Other Healing Tools

We will custom create a workshop for your group in:

Rattle Making
Talking Stick Creation
Dream Catcher Weaving
Rawhide Rattle Sculpture

or any other skill we have that you would like to learn.

Call 503-235-6345 or email us.






The East is the element of Fire, will, the spring and a place of new beginnings.  The East brings us the gifts of the child, teaching us to be animated, joyful, and spontaneous.  We learn to live each day wholehearted and leave each day clutter free.  In these two-hour sessions, we will study and experience the ancient wheels of Native American and of other cultures.  Together, we will uncover and recover these gifts:


  • Transforming anger into passion
  • Light, beginnings, innocence, joy, trust and hope
  • The courage of the warrior
  • Illumination and vulnerability
  • The ability to focus in the present
  • Trust in our own vision
  • The ability to see clearly through complex situations
  • Beautiful speech
  • Concentration
  • Will and willingness – shifting from “I want/I need” to I will
  • Devotion to the service of others

To be held on seven consecutive Tuesday evenings from 7-9 pm
beginning March 24th, 2015. 

There is a suggested donation of $150 for the series or $23 per class.  No one will be turned away who is willing to exchange time, talent or treasure (please call or email Patrick to make arrangements). 

Course taught by Patrick Pinson, M.A., of Mingo heritage and owner of Cedar Mountain Drums. He teaches from a place of knowing, integrating gestalt, play, years of experience on the Red Road and from his personal work with our own issues. This is an experiential class available to all seeking how to integrate the old with the new.


Held at: Cedar Mountain Drums Heartspace

2239 E. Burnside, Portland, OR 97214  (upstairs - steps on right side of retail store) 

For pre-registration or information
Call Cedar Mountain Drums (503) 235-6345 or email patrick@cedarmountaindrums.com

Drum Rental

Drum rentals are available for local events (drums must be picked up and returned to our Portland location).  Rates are reasonable, and we also have weekend rates for your scout camp or meditation retreat. Call 503-235-6345 for prices and reservations.


Native Elders Fund

We maintain a Native Elders Fund, which we donate to Native American elders in the Portland area who need financial help beyond what is offered by Federal, State and Local Governments. All donations are channeled in full to the elders.

Make a donation online.

Contact us by phone at 503-235-6345 or e-mail for more information.


Raymond Cree Family Fund
"Helping Our Family Survive"

Jacob Cree, son of Raymond Cree, suffered an injury and can father children only through "human invetro".  Jacob is an upstanding young man who has never been in trouble with the law and does not use drugs or alcohol.  He was born in Portland July 19, 1983 and is enrolled with the Umatilla in Pendleton, Oregon.  His wife is named Rose.  He is the last of Raymond's bloodline.  We ask for help in this matter.

Make a donation on line

Contact us by phone at 503-235-6345 or e-mail for more information.


Drum Circles Facilitated by Patrick At Your Location

The power and magic of drumming circles is growing and is a way to communicate what goes beyond words or explanations.

The intent of our circles is first and foremost to create safe space, and to give permission to find and honor the rhythms that lie within each of us. The focus is play, which is defined as having no agenda, and the circles are not so much a teaching as an experience.

By arrangement, Patrick will come to your location and facilitate a circle for your group. If needed, we can supply drums and other percussion instruments for your event. E-mail Patrick for more information.


Customized Group Drum Making Workshops at Your Location

If you have a group that wishes to make drums or rattles, we can custom design a weekend workshop for your group.  Contact us to arrange a workshop in your area.

Check Out a Workshop on the Isle of Sheppy, Great Britain


Corporate Team Building

Using the drum, voice, and play, Patrick offers corporate workshops in community building and teamwork. Patrick teaches from a background of Native American wisdom, play therapy, addictions recovery and Gestalt therapy. He holds a Master's degree in Counseling and Rehabilitation from Marshall University.



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